However, we do not want to reproduce or perpetuate an ethnic stereotype, but to offer a new significance, translating it into products that demonstrate this mixture between Brazil and Japan.

Our logo, just like our origin, was inspired by our mixture, forming a symbol that unifies this junction, half Japanese, half Brazilian.

Simplified version

Full version

/ PT

Maximum reduction:

1,5cm  /  75px

Maximum reduction:

2,5cm  /  150px

Full version


Maximum reduction:

2,5cm  /  150px

Commemorative version

/ PT only 

Maximum reduction:

2,5cm  /  150px

Horizontal version

/ PT only

Maximum reduction:

6cm  wide/  425px wide

  • check reading on multiple backgrounds.

  • apply on clear or neutral backgrounds.

  • leave clearspace around the logo.

  • use the shadowed logo.

  • distort the logo.

  • cut the logo.

  • use effects in the logo.

  • use stroke around the logo.

  • use over polluted backgrounds.

  • use opacity in the logo.

  • tilt the logo.

  • use textures inside the logo.

We use the Interstate font as the main font for our communication. The typography is strong, but simple, leaving all the emphasis on art. It must be used with different weights and sizes to direct the order of layout information. Titles need to be bolder and flowing text need to be clearer and smaller. Just be careful with the minimum reading.

The tags support us to explain our origins and brand purpose, and also to remember who we are and propagate Japanese-Brazilian culture within the feminist context.

Our palette is very varied and open. We use cheerful colors, but mostly pastel, when art needs to be more sophisticated we predominantly choose the darker colors. The most important thing here is to be free, but not to neglect reading one color over another. The following illustrative image shows the colors in order from most used to least used.

Our way of speaking to the public needs to be natural, simple and close. We need to show that we are real people with a brand purpose. Our language is fun, but without being silly. Slang can be used and memes adapted to our tone are welcome.

The term "Japa" or "Japas" should never be used outside the context of our brand name. Remember to always call people by name or if the person gives you permission to do so. In our case, we want to resignify this term so that we can use it with pride and show who we are: Japanese-Brazilians.

  • Support small businesses

  • Special ingredients

  • Handcraft brand

  • Collaboration


  • Roots

  • Our origins

  • Help each other

  • Together we are more

  • Arigatou (Thank you)

  • Kanpai (Cheers)

  • Japanese-Brazilian 

  • Be empathetic.

  • Remember that we are Japanese-Brazilian and not Japanese.

  • Respect other cultures.

  • Respect diversity.

  • Use racist, sexist or terms that exclude any type of group or individual.

  • Texts or titles that aim to stereotype people or the brand itself.

  • Use aggressive tone language.

  • Demote competitors.

We have a wide variety of products, mockups and photos help us to create an assortment of art options to use in our communication.

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